Our vision

At Gayatech, we believe that innovative ideas can be used to assist children and guide them in the right direction while teachers are and will remain the experts.

We also believe that smarter digital tools, like smart games and quizzes, artificial intelligence and access to an ethical internet have tremendous potential to shake up how educational content is delivered - helping children to enjoy learning outside school far more effectively, personalizing learning at scale and providing access to a safer and trustable web.

We think for instance, that children’s interaction with digital environments - from to playing games or quizzes, watching videos or textbooks - and scroll the web in a safe way without the risk of accessing non appropriate content and being tracked are key to our children’s future. Digital innovation could also serve as good starting or assessment points before or after school time and could generate data and insights about the children’s learning.




Our company

Gayatech has developed some unique tools that make possible the dynamic and continuous generation in any languages of from a data set or from web based thesaurus, using semantic web techniques created with the support world class research centers.

Thanks to our embedded 3D game engine, our tools can generate an extremely fun learning experience, integrating for instance 3D characters and augmented reality backgrounds.

We are using artificial intelligence technologies in order to build adaptive content using the children’s learning experience by providing additional learning materials they might need, such as games, quizzes and instructional videos or texts.

At Gayatech, we think that providing access to a safer internet is extremely important since our children need a more kid friendly web. We are partnering with Qwant Junior, the search engine conceived for children between ages of 6 through 12. On Qwant Junior, most violent or offensive sites are directly blacklisted while educational sites are whitelisted. Qwant Junior is also secure, private and has no tracking.

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